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Spread Vibes, Not Toxins

Elevate your routine with our 2-in-1 premium plant-based all purpose cleaner and deodorizer.

Enrich Your Cleaning Experience

Love Feeling Mellow, Love Being Clean.

Transform everyday chores into moments of serenity, nostalgia, and joy while protecting you, your loved ones and the planet. Our cleaning concentrates blend mood-enhancing aromas with plant-based ingredients that provide an unmatched cleaning experience and is the #1 sustainable choice.

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#1 Best Seller

Enjoy up to 6 full bottles of premium all purpose cleaner with the Mellow Starter Bundle + a free cleaning cloth!

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Plant Based

Bye bye skin irritation and migraines from toxic chemicals. We use powerhouse plant-based ingredients and skin-safe fragrance oils to protect you and your loved ones.

Sustainably Designed

2.5 billion single-use plastic cleaning bottles end up in landfills each year. This isn't one of them. Our reusable glass bottles, 100% recyclable packaging and space-saving concentrates eliminate landfill waste and reduce carbon emissions making it the #1 sustainable choice.

Science Backed

Science confirms that pleasant aromas and clean spaces can elicit positive emotions lowering stress levels and improving mental well-being. Mellow offers both of these experiences in one product because your mental well-being is important to us. 



You can trust our happy customers!

Customer Review

I love all your scents these are top tier products that have nothing in comparison on the shelves in store!!! I especially love how well they work on mirrors!! I don't even buy febreeze or window cleaners anymore!! ❤️❤️❤️ #ForeverCustomer

Lakeya White

I love this set! The scents smell so good and is so different from any other cleansing product I’ve ever used. I love that it actually cleans the surface as well as leaving a super sexy scent after unlike most cleansing products. Will definitely purchase again!

Kara A.

Cleaning isn’t my favorite task but doing it with this product just felt different, more calming if I were to put a name on it. The quality of the starter pack and simple direction made it very easy to use. *Bonus points for including the cleaning towel* I also love the smell and it seems to get better as time goes on. I look forward to trying the other scents!


I ordered this after a friend posted about it on IG and I can honestly say I’m completely blown away. It smells absolutely incredible and works better than any organic cleaning product I’ve ever used. Not to mention it’s sustainable! I will definitely be ordering again. So happy I found this company and products!


I'm freaking obsessed with the mellow cleaner. The smell is better than the caldrea I was buying and I like the consistency and cleaner power a lot better. Theirs is kinda oily.