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White Linen | Citrus + Rose + Jasmine + Lily


Enjoy the powerful clean of the Mellow Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate in the best-selling aroma White Linen. 

White Linen is a classic and sophisticated melange of citrus, peach and rose with jasmine and lily.

This concentrate yields two full 16 oz bottles of cleaning solutions. Pair it with our durable glass spray bottle

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“I’ve been trying to get into sustainable cleaning products, and making a conscious effort to support Black-owned businesses, especially lifestyle and home goods, and this checked all of those boxes. The bottle looks great and I’m so happy it’s reusable, and the concentrate smells amazing and really does clean well! I’m really looking forward to other products that The Mellow Clean has to offer!”


What does it smell like?


We've got a premium fragrance for everyone!

Bachelor Pad

Amber, sandalwood and moss leave a lasting impression intertwined with fresh bergamot, cardamom and hints of violet in a robust floralcy. Try this if you enjoy the smell of cologne.

Sweet Grass

Bright and fruity top notes of luscious pineapple, ripe strawberry, green melon, and sharp citrus joined by mid-notes of dry grass, jasmine, and fresh lavender on a base of delicate white musk. Try this if you like balanced fragrances.


A tropical blend of citrus, mango and papaya enhanced with fresh green notes and sweet musk for a lush, exotic scent reminiscent of the Caribbean. Try this if you like sweet fragrances.

White Linen

A classic and sophisticated melange of citrus, peach and rose with jasmine and lily. Try this if you like mature floral fragrances.

What's included?


All of our bundles include either one or two glass reusable spray bottles, any combination of premium fragrances of your choice, an instructional care card, and a complementary terry cleaning cloth.

How do I use it?


Mellow can be used on any non-porous surfaces (think glass, marble, granite, tile, tables, etc).

Step 1 Unpack your new favorite cleaner and immediately recycle all of the shipping material.

Step 2 Fill your spray bottle to the top of the label with room temperature water (~ 1 and 3/4 cups of water) and pour as little as half and as much as the whole bottle of concentrate into your spray bottle.

Step 3 Secure your sprayer on your bottle and gently mix your solution.

Step 4 Store the other half of your concentrate for later & enjoy!

What's in it?


Capryl glucoside is a gentle, plant-derived cleanser. Ideal for sensitive skin, it’s commonly found in baby cleaning products.

Citric acid is a natural, powerful cleanser found in citrus fruits. It breaks down grime and neutralizes odors.

Fragrance oils sourced from body and skin-safe fragrance specialists.


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